• Image of Love Royale (Audio CD)

1. Daytime Dreaming 03:57
2. Bitter ft. Brevner 03:50
3. Around You 04:14
4. How I Roll 03:14
5. Wildfire 03:32
6. To All The Lovers 03:55
7. Something To Nothing 04:24
8. Boom Boom 02:39
9. Ours To Know 03:58
10. Permanent 03:53

For her brand new album Love Royale, Sophia empowered herself with creative control as an independent artist, spending the last two years since her debut honing her production skills and collaborating with a variety of artists and producers such as Grammy Award winning, Jon Brown (Meghan Trainor, Pink) and Vancouver's Matt Brevner. Love Royale puts the raw beauty of Sophia Danai’s voice on centre stage, backed by gritty, deep electronic grooves and accented by hip hop cameos over ten original tracks. Inspired by the personal and creative changes Sophia has grown through in the last few years, she delivers honest and passionate lyrics over a sonic field that ranges from alternative R&B to sultry Electro-Pop. Love Royale is about acknowledging your demons, and finding strength in standing alone. Recognizing the law of love, and accepting that we all belong to it, for better and for worse.



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